Coming Soon to a Classroom Near You

This weekend, the long-awaited film, The Avengers, opens in theaters.  Just like the heroes of this movie, every teacher has a personal talent or strength (or two.)

These are a few of the Super Teachers I could see saving the world (if they worked together!):

Captain Creativity – Provides unique learning opportunities and lives “Outside the Box”

Leader Maximus – A true leader who steps up at the first sign of trouble

Organized Storm – Schedules, classroom, documentation, you name it – This super hero is all about details!

Adaptable Prime – Adapts to change right before your eyes

Master Tech – Solves any technology problem and uses multiple forms of technology on a daily basis

Flexible Phantom – Works around any obstacle – physical or mental

Extreme Patience – No one (co-worker or student) can get under the tough skin of this super hero

Content King – Knows the content standards inside and out, forward and backward

Artwork by my 12-year-old daughter, MJ

If you were a super  hero, who would you be?

What is your talent?

How would you share it with the world?

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