My 16th Last Day of School

I originally wrote this 3 years ago but I felt it was worth sharing here on the last day of my 16th year.

As I end my 13th year of teaching and I head back to the regular classroom next year, I asked my students who the best teachers were this year and why.

My favorite student quickly responded with the name of her government teacher. I asked her why and she said, “She made things hard to forget.”

That is a profound statement from an average girl.

Think about it.

She could have just as easily said, “She makes things easy to remember.” But she didn’t. And I believe there is a HUGE difference between the two. It speaks volumes about not only the kind of teacher this woman is, but the impact any one person can have on another.

It’s been a hard day today, saying good-bye to students who have touched my life in so many ways. I told someone recently that I figured out there are some weeks that I spend more time with some of my students than I do with my own two children.

There are those students I will remember, those I will want to to forget, and those I will never forget.

Who Would You Rather Be?

Each and every thing we do
can be remembered
or forgotten –
big or small,
life changing
or seemingly trivial,
as the first day of the rest of someone’s life,
or as the beginning of someone’s end.

Each word,
or lack thereof,
can be forever etched
in someone’s mind
or heart
or soul.

Or simply brushed off
as an annoying buzz,
a flicker of movement,
or a passing glance,
immediately becoming part of the past,
never to be thought of
or spoken of

A time will come
when you remember something
or someone
and you will smile.

A time will come
when you forget about something
or someone
and you will smile.

“Worth remembering”
gives something value.

can bring peace.

“Never forgetting”
is infinite
and unending…

Who would you rather be?

Someone who is easy to remember?

Or someone who will never be forgotten?


Hello Summer 2012!!
(A beautiful day spent hiking with the kids last summer –
a day that I won’t soon forget.)

5 responses

  1. I absolutely LOVE this post!!! What a powerful statement your student made…a statement you won’t soon forget, that’s for sure!!

    1. This girl and I had a great relationship. I worked with her thru the summer after she should have graduated so she could pass the state graduation test and get her diploma. I think of her words every single day; her senior pic is on my fridge. 🙂

  2. Funny how universal so many teaching experiences are– reading other teachers’ blogs is so reassuring to me that what I’m feeling is normal, (ie: the need for the occasional deep breath!). I’m learning to navigate wordpress too, so I’m excited to make new connections. If you find anything else out there you absolutely love, send it my way!

  3. I’m glad the virtual world led me to your blog– you write about your experiences with students in such a relatable way, (and your philosophy on teaching made me double check to see if you worked for my organization, such a familiar vibe). I’m looking forward to gleaning more in the future!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!! When I was reading your blog I was feeling the same way! I could totally picture myself in those very situations. I’m equally glad I stumbled across your blog as I learn to navigate around WordPress!

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