#1 of 13 Teachers Who Made Me Who I Am: Starting with Kindergarten

Oh, to be a kindergarten teacher!! One of my first jobs was in a primary resource room which included K-3rd grade so I have a little experience with that age group. One year, and a move home, ended that stint.

Mrs. Mathias was my kindergarten teacher and while I don’t remember much about her, she must have made some sort of impression because she started my love for school.

I remember how she had everything labeled and we had centers. I remember fat pencils and crayons. I remember building very high towers with blocks and I remember she had a fireplace in her room. We never lit it obviously, but how cool is that to have a fireplace in your classroom?!? (And no, I did not go to school in a one room school-house, if that thought crossed your mind.)

My most distinct memory of kindergarten, however, was when I lost my first tooth. We were singing “Hickory Dickory Dock”. On the word “dock”, out popped my tooth. And believe it or not, I still have the certificate she presented to me for reaching this milestone.

Lesson learned from my kindergarten teacher: It’s ok to cry on the last day of school. My teacher did.


You’d be surprised how many certificates I have in a box in the basement. This is the oldest.

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  1. Don’t you find that everyone has at least one great teacher they remember? I can remember so many outstanding teachers from K to 12 and beyond. In fact the most influential and supportive instructor I ever had was when I returned to graduate school as an “adult” learner.

    Okay if I “borrow” this idea?

    1. I would love for others to borrow this idea! Thank you!

  2. What a great idea!!!! I might have to copy you… You’ve inspired me to reflect on some of my favorite teachers!!!

    1. Thank you! I am glad you have been inspired to make your own little Teacher Hall of Fame. Can’t wait to read about your experiences!

  3. Love the idea of a series and #1 was a winner. I get why she mattered to you. I get why you remember it still. And the certificate? Outstanding keep. You’re passion for the art of teaching is so unvarnished. Well spoken. Dan

    1. Thank you Dan! I am so excited to share these 13 stories. Reflecting on these awesome teachers has been fun and eye-opening as to what I learned from them (and remember so many years later!)

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