July was a Good Month

I set some big goals for July in terms of number of posts, views, and followers.

July Goals:

  1. Post at least 20 times. (Check! 30!)
  2. Reach 1,000 views. (Check! At the present time: 1, 949!)
  3. Get 75 followers. (Check! 76!)

I am proud to say I achieved them all! Now it’s time to set some more goals. I know I will need to be a little realistic considering school is right around the corner.

One goal I did not set was receiving awards. I know that in a way, these rewards appear “chain-letter-ish” but it’s more than that. It’s about making connections with other bloggers, finding new inspiration, and being an inspiration. I did not anticipate the last.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I received two awards in July. My second award of July was from Dan at dan4kent. His tagline: A weekly post about life lessons learned while walking the road less traveled.

I will admit, that when I first read his post BLAH, BLAH, BLOG…I was a bit….well, here is my comment to him:

I am going to be real honest here and tell you that as I started to read this post I was like, “Ummm. Seriously? I can’t read another word of this. Who is this guy?” But…I couldn’t stop and I read it clear to the end. That is genius! You pulled me in and made me want to tell you my reason why I blog. I blog because I need to share the thing I believe I am truly good at. I was forced for years to believe that I was never good enough to think my own thoughts and pursue my dreams. My blog is about my dedication to my students and my dedication to myself and my dreams. It is a way for me to continue learning. It is my chance to “shine” to whoever looks my way twice.

An instant mutual respect was formed and he has now nominated me for the Liebster Award.

According to what I’ve read on the Liebster Award, “liebster” is German for “dearest”, “beloved”, and “favorite.” Basically, the award should be given to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers in an effort make connections with other bloggers. So, on that note, thank you, Dan, for the nomination and for helping me make some new connections.

The rules are:

1. Give a shout-out to the person who nominated you.

2. Nominate and notify 5 of your favorite bloggers (who appear to have less than 200 followers) by leaving a comment in their blog.

3. Post the award on your own blog.

On that note, here are my nominees for the Liebster Award. Take some time to check out these Fab Five:

Late to Teaching A new teacher starting a second career in a very challenging role. His new job reminds me of the position I had that was the most grueling, often heartbreaking, and the most rewarding. I am excited to read about his experience.

My Mountain is Waiting A blog by a brand new special education teacher. Show her some support as she starts the most challenging year of her life!

The Spicy Learning Blog I just recently found this blog by a teacher/dad who loves technology (and spicy apparently spicy food.) Funny, thoughtful, and easy to read.

CallowLea Just read her “About” page and you’ll find she is clever and witty and playing with a full deck.

The Wish Factor This blogger describes herself as “a mother of two, the youngest daughter in a family of four, the bad-ass wife, the traveling dreamer, and the Chapstick-type of woman instead of the lipstick heel-wearing chick.” She makes me laugh every time I read her blog.

4 responses

  1. Congratulations and well done!!! Here’s to an amazing August

  2. Really enjoyed the way you’re paying your gift forward. And your Fab 5? Love the tag. What’s really cool isn’t that you’re onto something…rather it’s watching you uncover something — in all of us. Your Public Awaits.

    1. Dan, thanks so much for your motivation. And thank you again for choosing me for the Liebster Award and giving me this opportunity to share with others. It really does boost my confidence and make my day that doing what I love is working.

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