#7 of 13 Teachers Who Made Me Who I Am: 6th Grade

Mrs. Jones was my 6th grade Language Arts teacher. I think she probably had the greatest influence on my love for writing….especially creative writing.

She had us write in our “Creative Writing Notebooks” every day and we got to read out loud to the class on Fridays. I loved this activity. I still have my notebook. Maybe it would be neat to bring that notebook upstairs and read the kids a story every night. I bet we would get a lot of laughs.

Mrs. Jones was another teacher I ended up working with many years later. She was on the 7th grade team that my students occasionally got to work with.

As a member of the Red Team, I would sit in on student conferences as we tried to hash out behavior problems or praise students for a job well done.

There is one thing that Mrs. Jones always said in these conferences that I always liked hearing her say.

It is the thing I remember her saying all the time when I was in 6th grade.

It is what I wrote on Tweedle Dee’s bedroom mirror probably a year ago and it’s still there.

Lesson learned from a 6th grade teacher:


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  1. Wonderful of her…

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