10 Things That Made My Day

Did you ever have one of those days….

when everything was…


Today was one of those days.

I had a 5 hour meeting today to help me prepare for my new Resource Room class. There were 10 teachers/speech therapists at this meeting and our agenda was full.

I now have so much knowledge I am bursting at the seams and it only seems right to pass things on to you.

10 things That Made My Day:

1. Unique Learning System – Our district has a license to this program and it looks awesome. I think if you teach students with disabilities you should check it out. There is a huge Olympic 2012 unit I just downloaded for free. I know it will be after the fact, but I’m going to use this unit for the first few weeks of school. I think we will be able to do lots of research and writing and can utilize so much media.

2. News 2 You – A related site to Unique and just as neat. Again, you have to pay for a license but it might be worth it.

3. BUMP – – I always love when I learn about nifty apps. This app will make sharing pictures so much easier with the girls.

4. Dictation Dragon – A speech to text app that I can use on the iPad with students and also put on my iPhone! This was the one thing I missed about my Droid.

5. QuizCast and Studylicious – I have to look into this more but these two work together. You are supposed to be able to put your own content into a quiz format for the iPad.

6. Appsfire Deals – Every day this app gives you a list of paid apps that are free!

7. The Five Finger Pinch and other fun gestures I had no idea existed (but it does explain why sometimes apps mysteriously close on my iPad.)

8. My new Vera Bradley Smartphone Wristlet in Paisley Meets Plaid arrived today! Finally a wristlet that fits my iPhone when it’s in its case. I bought it new on eBay and got a great deal! ($49 retail. Mine = $34.50)


Isn’t is lovely? And smart?

9. I’ve been saving my school clothes for, well, school. But I figured a school meeting was school-ish enough. So I wore a new shirt today! Gotta love the feeling of wearing brand new clothes!

10. I was driving home for lunch and saw a little boy sitting on the corner at a lemonade stand. Bless his heart! The sign said:


I was going to stop on my way back to the school, but by then he was gone. I so wish I would have turned around and gone back when I first saw him. Some people are addicted to pop, but I love lemonade and I thought his attempt to make some money on a hot day was precious.

I feel like somehow that lemonade stand was a reminder of something that is so cliché but definitely worth repeating. You all know it…

“When life gives you lemons….”

Honestly, I’ve been a little stressed lately and feeling overwhelmed with all of this school stuff happening so quickly and at the last-minute.

However, after today, I am feeling refreshed, inspired, and excited.

Today I am making lemonade.

9 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing the sites and apps! Glad you had such a wonderful day!!

    1. Thank you! And you’re welcome! Do you have iPads to use in your classroom? I only have my own but some teachers have class sets. Sooooo lucky!!

  2. !ay!! I love those days! And I especially love that you just had one 🙂
    SUPER cute Vera by the way. Adorbs!

    1. Thanks girlie! Hope you had a great day too! When do you start your job?

      1. Of course, girl! ANd I did have a pretty darn good day too. Plus, it’s friday tomorrow so that just makes it even more the better! I started last saturday and am already loving it!!

  3. Love all this– especially that you had a great day. The Vera wristlet is adorable, too!

    1. Thanks Olivia! I want to go out somewhere just to carry it!!

  4. Melanie, you are exactly the teacher I want to have in the room next to mine. I would beg, borrow, steal your ideas (it’s wht teachers do) and try to catch your enthusiasm each day. When I start my new job in NYC in just a few weeks (Yikes! You know the feeling.) I will visit your blog often.

    1. Thank you for visiting! And thank you so much for your kind words! I am definitely a “sharer” and enthusiastic. I told the girl next to me today, “I LIVE for stuff like this!” I can’t wait to hear about your experiences this year!

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