Whizzing By

For some reason, I have no words for a post.

How is that possible???

Tomorrow is the first day of school and I believe my brain is full, overwhelmed, spinning, fried, all tuckered out…..

Schedules, IEPs, rosters, standards, plans, fighting with the copier….it clouds my head like a fog.

On top of that, baseball and cross country, the bottomless pile of forms I need to fill out for the kids…..It is all dampening my spirit and my excitement.

I need to get out of these work clothes, eat a quick dinner and then try to relax, regroup, and pump myself up for tomorrow.

Five years ago I was in a “transition” phase and had just moved into town from the middle of nowhere. I found the easiest way to escape, clear my head, and relax was to take off on my bike.

The following is something I “composed” while on my bike. The words came to me like something I can’t explain and five years later, they continue to run through my mind over and over and over again every time I ride…a very long mantra if you will.

I know that 3 of my followers have seen this before but I am almost certain they will not mind reading it again.

Whizzing By

First night out
on my bike.
Pick a path
and push the pedals.
New girl in town whizzing by.

Long streets
lined with trees.
Locusts chirpping,
dusk lurking.
Mystery girl whizzing by.

Empty schools,
crowded fields,
gentle hum
of spinning wheels.
Girl, alone, whizzing by.

Flags flying,
colors flashing,
leaves blowing,
branches snapping.
Fast, fast girl whizzing by.

Couples strolling,
kids laughing,
people working,
dogs panting.
Silent girl whizzing by.

She’s not stopping, whizzing by.

Hair blowing,
heart pounding,
blood flowing,
No one knowing.
Who’s that girl whizzing by?

Girl on a mission whizzing by.

Push the pedals,
clear the mind,
today’s events
now left behind.

4 responses

  1. HOw is school going so far, lady? I hope the first, and now second, week is off to a gggrreeeeaaat start!

    1. If it weren’t for the crazy heat and humidity, I’d have no complaints really. It is sucking the life out of me though. We don’t have air conditioning and it is just miserable. We had some rain tonight so hopefully that helps. Thanks for checking in on me!

  2. I know you know how this makes me feel xoxoxox

    1. I know. 🙂 What a summer that was….it seems so long ago. Love you girlie!

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