Teaching the Question Words

Every day my Resource Room students come into class and get started on their Daily Work.

Their Daily Work on Tuesday consists of a picture (both on the SMARTBoard and on a sheet of paper.) Their job is to come up with questions about the picture. They are supposed to write at least 3 questions using capitals and question marks. We then spend some time sharing our questions and discussing some possible answers. This activity is great for discussion, making observations, inferences, predictions, and generalizations.

I always write the question words on the board because they always ask me how to spell them. One of the problems, however, is that some of them cannot read the words and get confused. So I get questions like:

Where are there two police cars?” (Why)

How is the boy talking to?” (Who)

What is the train going?” (Where)

I wanted to make some posters to hang up in the room to save me the trouble of writing them each week. But the fact remains…they all can’t read the words. So, I decided some visual cues were in order.






As a side note, I try to avoid juvenile type decorations. I was once told by some 8th graders that middle school teachers should not use decorations with “faces.” However, I think they were referring to cartoon-like faces. I think these posters will meet a middle schooler’s criteria for “cool.”

Here are the PDF files for you to use in your classroom.

Who poster

When poster

What poster

Where poster

Why poster

How poster

3 responses

  1. […] grammar, punctuation, etc. I was happy to see them responding and interacting and looking at their question words. Almost everyone completed the task in the allotted […]

  2. You’re amazing. Thanks for sharing the pdfs and all!

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