4-3-2-1 Review Activity

Last year in my intervention study hall, we often reviewed for tests and quizzes as a class. One of their favorite activities to review for the section quizzes in Social Studies was something called 4-3-2-1.


Half the students are positioned around the perimeter of the room. The other half find a partner. All they need is a copy of their review questions (which are kept in their journals).

For 4 minutes, they quiz each other over the content. (I have to model this the first few times we do it.)

Then the inside partner rotates to the next person in the perimeter.

For 3 minutes, they quiz each other.

Rotate again.

These partners quiz each other for 2 minutes.

Rotate a final time.

Partners quiz each other for 1 minute.

If done correctly, this provides a productive 10 minute review session with 4 different partners. This is fast-paced, allows for movement, and everyone is engaged.

6 responses

  1. […] Everyone’s story was slightly different in terms of wording. In fact, they did a little 4-3-2-1 sharing right before our comprehension […]

    1. Thanks for sharing with your readers!

  2. Fast-paced, focused to maximize short attention spans and intensely repetitive…all in one-breath. Brilliant. Means, method and outcome all wrapped up in one delicious (albeit educational) burrito. Niiice. Dan

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