Video Time Machine iPad App

I am currently working on compiling lists of my co-workers’ favorite iPad apps and while I’m just starting the process, I have to share one app right away because it is FREE this weekend!

I  just started this process and want to go through the list of all the other apps, so look for lists by subject very soon.

Meanwhile, check out Video Time Machine.

If you teach history or just love history, pop culture, sports, music, television ads and complete randomness….this is for you!

Tweedle Ian just watched the NBA 2003 Best Plays (the year he was born) and wanted to watch more videos, but I stole the iPad from him so I could write this post!

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  1. […] and cities. 4. Flow of History .99 5. Video Time Machine I wrote about this cool video app here. 6. World History Maps 7. Today in History Daily lists of events, births, deaths, and holidays […]

  2. That sounds really interesting – my husband would love that one!

    1. Be careful if you show him! It’s a huge time waster!!

      1. ha! Well, never mind then, he does not need another time waster!!

      2. Haha!! I figured you’d appreciate the warning!!

  3. I’m going to look into that tomorrow!

    1. It’s pretty fun and addicting! And I don’t even really like history!

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