“My favorite animal to eat…is pig.”

Those were the words spoken this morning by Tweedle Ian as the three of us had our Thanksgiving Break-FEAST of chocolate chips waffles, scramble eggs, and bacon before they had to leave for their dad’s.

Those are the words that remind me that while today is Thanksgiving and many traditional festivities are missing from my day, I am one lucky girl to have what I have and I am grateful and thankful for the people who make my life as sunshiny-bright as the sky today…. on a daily basis – no holiday needed.

For my witty and creative children.

For my boyfriend who just gets me even when I don’t get myself.

For some special friends who reach out at just the right times.

I am thankful.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for having so many blogging friends!

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