Informational Text Organizers

Definitely not my favorite thing to teach, but a requirement of the Common Core. It is very challenging for me because I have to find informational text in a lower Lexile range (400-600) when my students should be reading at almost double that.

Here are a few things I made to go with the next chunk of non-fiction reading we are going to be doing in my Resource Room.

Non-Fiction Pre-Reading Sheet

Non-Fiction Glossary

Non-Fiction Diagrams and Captions

Non-Fiction Book Report

Non-Fiction Book Report 2

Non-Fiction Book Report 3

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  1. I couldn’t find exactly where to post this on your page, but THANK YOU! Great ideas! I have started using Edmodo this year and loved the picture/question/editing idea. I already used your bridge photo to get them to ask questions. They need work on the editing end of things and LOVE Edmodo, so hopefully this will be a popular activity!!

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting! I am amazed how much they enjoy this activity. It is totally authentic and real life. Hope it goes well! Let me know!

  2. Love these! Thanks! I’m passing them along to the rest of my reading crew!

  3. Oh, man, gag me…..Sorry! But I spent all weekend doing the same thing, almost. I used to teach “Persuasive essays” by assigning cool topics like “Should we have a latte bar in the back of our classroom?” and “Do you think that fifth grade students should have to come to my house to sweep up dog hair once a week?” We had a blast, and a lot of laughs, and everyone learned how to be Oh-so-persuasive! Now, though, we have a planner, a rubric and a set of topics….no fun, no laughs, just lots of hard data. Gag.

    1. I agree with you. I am dreading this reading and writing unit. I really am. I hope after this unit and a nice long break from informational text, we can come back to this with topics of their choice. I have to round up library books that fit their interests and Lexiles first.

      1. I know: I spend SO much time now trying to “match” everyone to their level…..what the heck happened to the realization that we shouldn’t use “homogeneous” groupings? Yeesh.

  4. Definitely using these, thank you!

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