Christmas Countdown!!

The official countdown has begun!!

Tomorrow we will only have 13 days of school left before our Christmas Vacation begins on the 21st!

So today, I decided to do a countdown in my Resource Room that would require them to write a little about the holiday season every day until break. I am most looking forward to their responses on Day 9!!

14 Days of Writing


10 responses

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  2. This great, but we have such a big Muslim population in our school, it would never fly. Darn, what a great way to get kids writing!

  3. Thanks for the writing warmup ideas!

    1. You’re welcome! Thanks for always checking things out here!

  4. Look at you being all creative! 🙂 Great ideas here! Thanks for sharing with non-creative person like myself!

    1. Thanks!! Glad you find them useful!!

  5. Love the color coding of the root words, I need to start doing this!

    1. Girl, you need a SMARTboard in a bad way!! You could do amazing things with it!

      1. You’re telling me. Too bad California has such a budget crisis 😉 Just going to have to do it the old school way on a white board, hehe.

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