Technology Goals for 2013

My Technology Goals for 2013

    1. Continue blogging as way to share my ideas and to learn from others. (Never underestimate the value of reading others’ candid thoughts and every day ramblings.)
    2. Become more active on Twitter. (I believe I could learn at least twice as much in two hours on Twitter as I could in a two-hour inservice.)
    3. Secure iPads or iPad Minis with a grant through my district. (10 would be ideal but I would settle for 5.)
    4. Practice more with Prezi. (I’d like to get all of my figurative language lessons into Prezi.)
    5. Learn how to use an animation app like Go!Animate. (I will turn to TweedleDee for a tutorial.)

What are you technology goals? What should I add to my list? Comment at the link above to share your thoughts.

3 responses

  1. These are great! I would love to have some iPads in my classroom and Prezi seems awesome– will have to spend some time on that site myself. Thanks for the technology inspiration! 😀

  2. I share most of your goals. Our district is testing one-to-one at our site this spring, so I’m busy creating a digital citizenship class for students to take before they’re assigned their laptops. Tablets/iPads just don’t make sense for a high school setting. I can’t imagine writing a research paper on an iPad. Once the laptops are assigned and in use, my challenge will be to convert or create lessons to/in a digital format. It’s a good thing I enjoy learning, because my learning curve seems always to be steep!

    1. You make an interesting point about writing research papers on iPads. Hmmmm…never thought of that. I suppose with a wireless keyboard and Pages it would work, but that’s an additional expense.

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