Identifying Mood (Prezi)

Here is a link to my newest Prezi, “Identifying Mood.” I incorporated this mood lesson into March Madness as we will be completing this next week when we get back from Spring Break.

How cute are these! Maybe, if I have time, I could make a little treat like this to go along with the lesson?

How cute are these!? Maybe, if I had time (and was talented like this) I could make a little treat to go along with the lesson.

Students will have to identify the mood in songs, images, and text. (I chose 4 poems about basketball. These may need to be changed for a younger audience.)

Happy Spring Break to everyone if you are off this week!

We are supposed to get 6 inches of snow tomorrow night.  Not. Cool.

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  1. As your students watch your Prezis, do you have them complete any type of graphic organizer? How do you hold them accountable for the material? I’m thinking about using your Prezis (Figurative Language, Mood, Story Elements, and Theme) to squeeze in last-minute instruction before our state assessment. I don’t want my kids to “check out” while the Prezis are running.

    1. I don’t. But I kinda use these as intros and then we do other activities??? We use the dry erase boards a lot. (Plus it’s a Resource Room.)

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