Spring Cleaning

So it’s Spring Break and we have a Winter Storm Warning.  I live in the light blue section and local news says we could get 7″ of snow.

As I was sitting here enjoying my coffee pre-storm, I realized I had several posts started but never published due to everything that went down at the start of 2013.

So, I plan on editing and publishing all those posts this week. They may seem out-of-order and the timing may seem weird (one talks about Christmas) but I think there are some valuable teaching strategies included in them.

What are you plans for Spring Break? Bet they didn’t involve a shovel and snow boots!

Winter Storm "Virgil"  When did we start naming winter storms???

Winter Storm “Virgil.” When did we start naming winter storms???

9 responses

  1. I’ll be on spring break next week. Can’t wait! I am physically and mentally exhausted and just need a break. I’ll be doing some things around my house and, of course, sleeping late! 🙂 I’ll work on lesson plans, too. I plan to savor every moment of my time off. Hope your weather has improved. I certainly don’t miss it!

  2. Happy Spring Breakin’ to you! I am on Spring Break as well. I’m going to be working on lesson plans. My goal is to get two weeks’ worth completed…enough to get my classes to FCAT. I also need to submit my Reading Endorsement video. A friend recorded me and just burned the DVD for me. I need to write my reflection, submit it, and mail the DVD. Fingers crossed that both get approved. Then, I’ll be planning to film those last two lessons the week we return so I can put Reading Endorsement to bed after a long year and almost a half of work.

    I’m also going to sneak in some yarn shopping at a place an hour and half down the road. I live in Podunk, USA, so I have to drive a ways to get the good stuff.

    Oh, and sleeping. Yeah. There will be some of that as well.

    1. Sounds like a busy break girl!!!

  3. Bummer, you don’t even get to enjoy a snow day!

    1. Noooo kidding! Are you on break this week?

      1. Next week– hopefully the sun will shine and it will heat up a bit. My children go to school in a different district than I teach in– they got called off yesterday for a snow day!

  4. Near Birmingham, AL, it is going to be cool and rainy. Not like what we had all hoped, but still glad to have a week to work in my flower beds and catch up on plans to incorporate more technology into my 7th grade LA classroom.

  5. Sorry you’ll have a chilly spring break 😦

    1. Meeeeee too!!! 😦

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