Last night I spent 30 minutes getting my classroom set up.

Yep, just 30 minutes.

I always get excited about working in my room, but this year is different.

Not that I am not excited. It’s just that the next two weeks are super busy and we haven’t had the greatest weather at all this summer. So instead of spending the last sunny moments indoors, I decided to go on a cloudy, blah evening.

30 minutes. No kids, no co-workers, no distractions.

I set up my furniture exactly like last year.

I hooked up my computer and printer in record time.

I put the supplies on the shelf exactly like last year.


I hung up the curtain, moved the fans to their usual positions, and tore the paper off the bulletin boards to expose last year’s motivational display.


I am sure many of you do the same thing – keep things the same every year out of habit and ease.

I actually like change and try to mix things up from year to year.

But this year, I am finding comfort in the familiar.  20120816-140055.jpg

I will be teaching almost the same students as last year (minus 4 8th graders) and I am finding comfort in that as well.

I feel like changing too much on them will take away from our consistent routine and the connection we established. I want to start where we left off. I want them to fall into the place we were in May. They know my expectations. I know their personalities and skills. My room is a safe and comfortable place.


There will be a lot of changes in our building this year (new administration, new faces, a new schedule for me). I will not get to work with my favorite math teacher and I will not get to work with Dee’s grade level.

However, some change can be good and I am anticipating a great year.

I’m off to a good start…

I can breathe easy the next eight days and enjoy this time in a way I never have before.


This post was written in its entirety on the hill at the lake.

5 responses

  1. You’re a superstar! Love that you spent 30 minutes and are giving yourself the space to enjoy the end of summer!! You give us newer teachers hope of a future with less set-up! 😀

    1. Thank you, love! When do your kids start back?? This week, right! Can’t wait to hear about the new faces and personalities!!

      1. We started yesterday!! And, fingers crossed, so far so good! They’ve been amazing, much more used to our school system than my last batch 😀

      2. You are in the honeymoon phase right now! Things may change after the first few days…but here’s to hoping!! But you are such a positive influence I bet they’ll all adapt well.

      3. Yes, definitely waiting for their real personalities to come out– but also hopeful it will be a little easier than my last group!

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