A Letter to My Class (Written By My Son)

Yesterday was our building’s 7th and 8th grade orientation/schedule pick-up. While Dee did her 8th grade thing, Ian hung out in my room while I chatted with a few students and some new teachers.

When I came back to my room, Ian had this exact letter for my students up on the SMART Board.

I can’t even express my total delight when I read this:

Hello class of 13/14 today is the first day of your last year of middle school then you will continue on and make your way to high school then collage I have good news I have got 6 I pads for you guys to use during class for your last year I hope you like them if you are wondering whose dog on the screensaver of the smartboard it is mine my awesome son ian has been begging for a long time his name is blue he is a yorkie terrior he is only 3 month old how has your summer been? Type about it and then get some pics on safari then I will get them up on the smartboard for you to present to the class.

Tonight as I thought about the letter, I decided to use it AS IS and have my students edit it on the first day. There’s definitely room for improvement but not bad for a 5th grader who doesn’t know how to capitalize on the keyboard! I have done similar things before with them on Edmodo (read about it here) so I think it will be an effective and interactive kick-off to the year!

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