Year 18: Perspective

The first week of school is in the books.

I am happy to say this school year is off to a great start.  Perhaps the best start of my 18 years, in terms of emotions and stress.

I don’t know if it’s experience, time, circumstances, attitude, change, perspective, diabetes, a new puppy….

Sure, there are some complications with schedules and my “To Do” list is slightly out of control, but I generally feel pretty calm about it all.  I am not dwelling on the “inconveniences” and I have not found myself angry or stressed or overwhelmed.

It is a great feeling.  I’m in new classrooms with new teachers at a new grade level. We have new administrators.  We have new standards and new procedures.

The things that used to push me over the edge, don’t.

The things that used to make me panic, aren’t.

The perfectionist in me is not lazy by any means, but just more focused and at the same time, relaxed.

Year 18 will be all about perspective.



2 responses

  1. Congrats on year 18– that is definitely an accomplishment my friend!

  2. Good for you!! I will use this as my inspiration. Like you, I’m in a new classroom with a new colleague, new kids, new curriculum, new standards, new tests…..I am less in a panic and more in a funk. Trying to shrug it off and concentrate on enjoying the kids!

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