First Impression of Quizlet


It’s almost the end of the 1st nine weeks and I am wrapping up our first novel, When Zachary Beaver Came to Town, and moving into an informational text unit.

I wanted to do a review game/activity on the iPads but couldn’t choose an app. I decided this was a good time to try Quizlet, which has been on my “Want to Learn About” list since July.

I created these two set of cards this morning:

Character and Conflict Quizlet

Literature Terms Review

I haven’t upgraded to the $15/year or the $25/year option yet. I want to see how it goes with the class week, but I am optimistic.

First impression: I love how easy Quizlet is to use.

  • You type in the terms and choose from a list of “auto-definitions”  or type your own. I am a very fast typist so I had them done in no time. Actually, after I got started, I realized I could copy and paste from the PDFs I already have.
  • You can switch the terms and the definitions with one click.  Sometimes it is better to present the definition first and ask students to recall the term. Other times, it’s more appropriate to do it the other way around.  I
  • Quizlet has a “Speak Text” option, which will be great for my class. (I just picked up cheap headphones for the iPads. I have issues with a lot of noise and this should help. A few students also have ear buds of their own.)
  • There are hundreds/thousands of sets already created on Quizlet and I spent some time a few weeks ago searching for something that would work.

Now that I’ve realized Quizlet is so easy to use, I shouldn’t have wasted my time searching for an almost-perfect fit, and should have gone this route.  Now I have exactly what I want for my class based on what we have studied. (I used the exact definitions we used in our Interactive Notebooks to be consistent)

I was able to quickly link the two card sets to my Schoology course and I will introduce Quizlet tomorrow after our reading quiz (also on Schoology).

The real trick will be if the kids can remember their logins for Schoology!!

What are your thoughts on Quizlet?

How do you use Quizlet in your classroom? 

Would you/Did you pay the extra $15 or $25 to upgrade?

Maybe most importantly, how do you get kids to learn their usernames and passwords to multiple online accounts? Our students building-wide are dealing with our new g-mail, Schoology, Chrome books, Khan academy and online text books and it’s been quite a challenge!

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  1. […] get a feel for my students’ use of Quizlet for studying, we will be using the quiz feature to assess […]

  2. I love Quizlet and have used it all four years that I’ve been teaching. With my Intensive Reading classes, I will link to a Quizlet set of words through Edmodo and have my students complete the quizzes and respond with the number they got correct through an Edmodo response. I’m looking to see that they’ve gone through the exercises…without worrying about the actual number they got correct. This is a wonderful activity for a technology station, and I use it to reinforce FCAT vocabulary in the weeks leading up to the dreaded test.

    I’ve also gotten vocabulary lists from stories that we read in class…already done for me. Piggybacking on the work that someone else has done saves so much time!!

  3. I’ve used Quizlet for a couple of years for vocabulary from a chapter or from a story. My English students just created a list of terms from the play they’re reading. Instead of using the quiz in Quizlet, I’m planning to just use it for flash card review and will include the terms on an upcoming test. They’ve gotten so used to the Quizlet quizzes that I think they have learned to outsmart it, so I’m testing that theory. It’s a great tool nevertheless, and the fact that there are preexisting definitions to choose from is both a plus and a minus. Sometimes they’re not sure which definition I want, so I have to watch that closely. You’ve created the list yourself, which avoids that pitfall. The games are good review as well. Good luck!

    1. That’s funny about the Quizlet quizzes! i think the matching game is a possibility for my students. The racing game would be hard since it’s a toying race basically. Maybe they could shout out answers and I could type them while projected on the Smartboard.

      I have such a small class I think it would be easy for me to walk around and assess each one quickly with the flash cards.

  4. A suggestion that may be completely irrelevant. If this is a website that they’re going to have to use at home as well, include instructions regarding how to use the website and what browsers it works on best. The reason I say this is that Internet Explorer is notoriously finicky with some websites — particularly older versions of IE and websites that have pop-ups and other interactive features. My 11th grader’s Spanish teacher uses a website for quizzes and tests that doesn’t work well on the version of IE that we have on our desktop. When my son tried to do some assigned homework, he couldn’t get it to work. Unfortunately, he and my wife are unfamiliar with Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers. As a result, he had to spend two days convincing his teacher that he had tried to do the homework but didn’t because of lack of technology know-how.

    1. I agree that is a problem. We are using Chrome exclusively now at school. I try to keep things app based so we can use the iPads in my room. Many of my students don’t have technology at home. Those who do have iPhones, iPods, etc.

      1. My comment was somewhat of a rant. My apologies. I’m sure many teachers are better at this than my son’s Spanish teacher.

      2. No worries. Believe me, when it all works like it’s supposed to, it’s a miracle. Even in my classroom! I can’t tell you how many times my lessons fail bc something gets blocked that wasn’t blocked the day before, or the server is down, or the apps keep crashing…or too many kids forget their passwords! Fingers crossed that tomorrow is a trouble-free tech day!

      3. This is the problem with this teacher … Valid reasons for being late almost never are accepted. Grrrrr

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