I Gave Schoology a Chance

And I liked it!!


I realize this is somewhat cluttered….but this is how my brain works. If you want to know more about a specific use, just leave a comment.

When our district made a mandatory move from Edmodo to Schoology, I was frustrated.  I had spent a few years building my Edmodo library and was happy there. I didn’t want to move!

Feeling overwhelmed with all the other changes going on in our building, I decided that I was only going to do the bare minimum – post my homework – as we would be required to do during the 2nd semester.

Well, as you can see from above….I didn’t hold myself to that and Schoology has become an important part of my day…every day.

5 responses

  1. I love Schoology! I had looked at several other ones including Haiku and Edmodo and Schoology just seemed to fit better. My school district isn’t 1:1 yet and it is sometimes difficult to get access to computers on a regular basis, but I have implemented it every chance I get. I love being able to grade assignments within the program without having to download, comment then upload them back to the students. It really is fabulous!

    1. We aren’t 1:1 but it works with the 6 iPads I have. We went back to school today and it was amazing how many kids came in with new tablets and smart phones now that we have BYOT.

  2. I’ve been using Haiku LMS (free!!) for a couple of years and like the interface a lot–and am now good at navigating all its resources. But recently I’ve thought about trying Schoology, since they have an Android app, which Haiku doesn’t. I’m curious to know how you like it over time. My district recently implemented SchoolNet for assessments and eBackpack for communicating/submitting lessons to students. These duplicate services in Haiku, yet are more clumsy, in my opinion. I feel your frustration!

    1. I have been using Schoology daily since early October. It becomes mandatory 2nd semester and I imagine I will only continue to find more uses for it. (You know me!!!) I am not familiar with the one you are using but the fact that the students can access from the their own technology is huge, in my opinion. There are parent codes as well so they can register and keep up-to-date. Schoology will be replacing our very ancient “Homework Hotline.” Welcome to 2014!!

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