Has it Been That Long?

We went back to school today. We were one of the few schools in the area who didn’t get today and tomorrow off. Although….a lovely snowstorm is upon us…so maybe we will get an extra vacation day tomorrow!

Anyway, I started off 1st period presenting my class with their “New Year’s gifts”….new writing journals. (They were already moaning and groaning about being back to school, so it didn’t really bug me.) By the way, Staples has composition books on sale for $1 a piece.

As I gave my students a few minutes to write about their Christmas break, one girl said, “Oh my gosh…I forget how to write! Holding a pencil feels so weird!?!?”

Imagine me doing my pretending-to-be-angry teacher face here.

During 2nd period, another student comes walking in from Science class. “Do you know my google password?”

I shake my head in dramatic disbelief….“Ummmm….your password?? No, I just keep track of my own passwords. Sorry.”

And then he says, “Well, I tried to login and it said my password was changed 58 days ago.”

More theatrics from yours truly.  (During my first year of teaching, my boss asked me if I’d ever done drama. I think/hope it was my animated personality and not really an insult. And incidentally, no…I never did theater.)

The kids are all laughing at this point, including The Boy Who Forgot His Password.

Our break was relatively short and the alarm was a little annoying this morning…..but it was good to be back! 

3 responses

  1. I love that you appreciated the special humor of that first day back! Good for you! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks. It was one of those days that just made me smile. And…we just got the call to cancel school tomorrow. 🙂

      1. Yeah, we did, too! Finally……Last night I woke up literally ever 15 minutes to check my phone. Ugh!

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