A Frosty Friday Five

Round 2 of the freezing temps….Enough already!!

Despite still being sick, it was a good, short week.

My Friday Five goes something like this:

1. Reading a book with my class on the iPads = Amazing! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

2. Laughing so hard at dinner the other night and Diet Coke coming out of Ian’s nose! (Did I mention we were in a restaurant!?) = Laughter IS the best medicine!

3. Dee qualifying for the District Spelling Bee and making the Power of the Pen Team! = Proud momma here!

4. Super cuddly puppy in a turtleneck! = Say Cheese!


Blue Sporting a Blue Turtleneck!

5. This video I shared with Ian and Dee last night at dinner = I think their Valentine’s gifts are going to have a “Jelly Bean” theme this year!


Happy Friday!

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