In the Rough Stages: “Side-Yard Superhero” Unit

This fall I will be participating in the One Book, One Community project in our county.  They have chosen the book Side-Yard Superhero: Life Lessons from an Unlikely Teacher by Rick Niece.

This is the first time I have been involved, and from what I’ve been told, there are really no rules….you do as much or as little as you would like.

I decided to use this book as my first novel for the year.   I read it last spring when my assistant principal first asked me to participate.  At first, I was dragging my feet. I just wasn’t sure. But by the end, (without giving anything away), I knew this would be a great book for my class.

So this summer I began to pull together resources for a unit.  And….there is NOTHING online.  Nothing. At. All.  So I was forced to make my own unit.  Click this link: Side-Yard Superhero UNIT plan for the entire unit.

What I am sharing here is a very rough draft; there are probably typos and incomplete parts (especially near the end), and this is all just a possible plan, as it may not go at all like I think it will.

However, I thought I would post what I do have done in case someone else out there is in the same position I was. Right now I feel like I am completely on my own with this.

And maybe….just maybe…someone out there will be willing to collaborate a little.

If that’s you, please leave a comment!!


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  1. […] me set this up for you. As I posted here about a month ago, my class is reading the book Side-Yard Superhero: Life Lessons from an […]

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