One Small Part of a Big Dream

The beginning of the school year has been super hectic and quite a readjustment, and I’ve had no time to post anything.

However, I’ve got BIG NEWS to share….sooner or later, when I find the time and the words.

Just know that my class is in for one of the coolest experiences EVER, and I am so glad I am going to be a part of it with them.

And for me, personally, it is one small part of a dream come true.

5 responses

  1. Oh, reallllllly? You got me hooked!

  2. Yay!!! SO excited to hear what the big news it, girly!!

  3. So curious, can’t wait to read!

  4. Oh, not fair!! I’ll be waiting with bated breath! I’m with you in the hecticness!

    1. Not meant to be a teaser….it’s just such an awesome story, I don’t want to blow it.

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