Writer’s Block? Sentences at Your Fingertips!

Have you ever been trying to make vocabulary sentences and cannot come up with anything remotely creative?

I found a nifty way to come up with random sentences for vocabulary practice and quizzes.

The website “Words in a Sentence” @ wordsinasentence.com will spit out 10 unique sentences for many words.

One of the vocabulary words from The Giver is disposition.

Here are the results:

  • Even though the old man appeared grumpy, he really had a pleasant disposition.
  • His gloomy disposition aside, Jeremy is a very nice person.
  • Whenever my uncle was feeling ill, his friendly disposition disappeared.
  • Janice has a bright smile and a warm disposition.
  • Howard’s disposition is often determined by the type of day he has at work.
  • Because I rarely smile, I am not known for my agreeable disposition.
  • With her inquisitive disposition, Sarah is an ideal candidate for the detective’s position.
  • Even though Eric had an awful day at the office, he still managed to have a welcoming disposition at his party.
  • Claudia’s cheery disposition has opened a lot of modeling doors for her.
  • Although he may look ferocious, my pit bull has a gentle disposition.

There are only 1500 words and it’s definitely geared towards more complex vocabulary, but it’s made things a little easier for me.  I like that there are a variety of sentences from simple to complex and that they are used in a variety of ways. I think these sentences would be great for context clues or having students fill in the blank with the correct word. This site could also provide mentor sentences for language/grammar.

Here’s a another example for inexorable from A Wrinkle in Time.

  • Of course, the public is enraged by the inexorable rise in gas prices.
  • Following her husband’s sudden death, Elaine went into an inexorable depressive state.
  • The inexorable truth is that Shelley is going to die within six months because she has cancer.
  • Because James hit a police officer while driving drunk, he knows it is an inexorable fact he will serve jail time.
  • In hopes of regaining their land, the army started an inexorable march through the country.
  • Mary did not want to watch the movie because she knew the plot contained an inexorable tragedy.
  • In his desire to make sure he was ready for the triathlon, Jason was inexorable when it came to following his training routine.
  • The changing of the seasons is an inexorable event because there is nothing you can do to stop one season from leading into another.

Now, if I could just figure out and remember how to say the word, “inexorable.” It’s one of those words that escapes me every time I try to say it in class!

Do you know of any other sites with similar features?

Where do you get your sentences for vocabulary?

Please share in the comments if you do!

2 responses

  1. […] and the quiz, all of my sentences came from http://www.wordsinasentence.com as I explained here.  I have also included a link to my Quizlet for the vocabulary words I have […]

  2. Thanks! This will be useful to me.

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