Winter Blues

We were off school both yesterday and today.

While my kids were thrilled and had sleepovers with friends, I am terribly over winter.  Over. It.

Some people give me a hard time for having it “so rough” and not having to work.

Well, for me, a snow day/cold day doesn’t mean a “day off.” I worked hard.

I created two more videos for flipped lessons, developed the main component of my language unit for the four sentence types, and worked out lesson ideas for the first four chapters of The Outsiders.

That was just today.

Yesterday I went into school and had an IEP meeting and continued building vocabulary activities and Community Tasks for The Giver, which my 8th graders are reading.

I also watched the movie The Giver for the 4th time, creating two differentiated 6-page movie analysis worksheets to go along with the first 12 chapters.

Ater this post is posted I am banning myself from the computer for the next 48 hours. We are supposed to get a big snowstorm tonight, but I know there are other things I need and should do besides schoolwork. (Can I help I am a total nerd and enjoy creating these materials? Can I also help that I hate cleaning the bathroom?)

When I am away at work, I feel guilty about the time my Yorkie, Blue, spends alone at home, although he’s probably just sleeping or torturing the cat.

When I am  stuck at home for days on end, I feel equally guilty.  I sit around and work on school work, and Blue sleeps on my lap or tortures the cat.

But really, the poor dog gets to go out for 30 seconds at a time about 8 times a day and that’s the extent of his adventures. Blue can easily walk 4 miles in a day. For such a little guy, he has a lot of energy.  But there is no way he can tolerate the sub-zero temperatures we’ve been facing.  I decided to take him to the school to play late this afternoon.


Mr. Blue rules the school, and he runs in the hallways without a care in the world.

It is impossible to take a picture of a dog in a school where he can smell the smells of 700+ people, eat the crumbs off the cafeteria floor, and sniff every classroom and locker. He never stops moving, but this picture shows the sheer joy he must have felt today as he was breaking all the rules.

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