Up to the Peer Challenge

So Friday afternoon, around 2:35 p.m., one of my colleagues makes a comment about how I should make a bulletin board outside of my classroom because he’s gotten so many comments on his Shades of Meaning bulletin board he created.  I’m thinking it’s more for the topic that the content, but it does look pretty cool. Maybe he’ll let me post a picture of it sometime.

But anyway, if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know what happened next.



This is part of my students’ work for The Giver. One of their Community Tasks was to create a Google Presentation that would clearly portray different concepts to Jonas. I chose 16 of the best slides to display.  Of course, I left the answers out, so kids (and colleagues) will have to study the board and make the connections.


Here is a  closer look at the concepts the differentiated groups had to illustrate.

Here is a closer look at the concepts the differentiated Communities had to illustrate. 

I would not say that I cave to peer pressure; I’m a pretty independent and stubborn person. However, I do fall victim to peer challenges.  He had me at “You should….”


What kind of colleague are you?

Do you share ideas with your colleagues?

Do you motivate them?

Do you encourage them?

Do you challenge them?







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  1. You share your ideas and your student’s work with the world on interwebs. It sounds like a good idea to share them with the people in your school.

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