The Original Team Challenge Cube

I just received an email with a link to the Team Challenge Cube I learned about (and wrote about here) at OMLA a month ago.

We are using a slight variation at our school, and it’s been quite interesting watching our 7th graders get into it.  I will be posting more about it in a week or so. I want to see how it plays out for a few more days.

Meanwhile, go check out Katie’s other videos here. She has a lot of fun and easy  ways to get students motivated and manage your classroom.

3 responses

  1. […] So I first wrote about “The Cube” months ago, and then I shared Katie’s Team Challenge Cube video. […]

  2. Love this idea, especially for the end of the year when students get a bit squirrely. Do you have ideas to add to the ones in the video for the required topics? I am not sure I can come up with new ideas each day I roll. Thanks in advance!

    1. Justin, you have reminded me I need to post about our experience with The Cube at school. I am on Spring Break now, so I will reflect and get a post up ASAP.

      Meanwhile I recommend making a cube with the numbers 1-6. Stay tuned!

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