Tools for the ELA Classroom (My Padlet)

I’m on this Padlet kick lately. (Actually, it’s become an obsession.)

I’m finding it so much easier to add resources to a specific padlet page than to bookmark them. I think it’s because I use my phone, my iPad, my Chromebook, my MacBook, and my school desktop computer throughout the day.

I can also easily share this Padlet with my student teacher and my inclusion teacher, as well as all of you!

The added bonus is the visual it provides me. I can look at the image and it jogs my memory (which is getting worse the longer I teach) as to what I am looking for and where to go.

So here is the link for my Tools for the ELA Classroom. If you have anything great to add, please leave me a comment!

Screenshot 2016-01-31 at 10.20.30 AM.png

2 responses

  1. Hi. I was looking at your Padlets. My school is going 1:1 next year with iPads, and your posts have given me some great ideas. A quick question: I noticed you link your Padlets to GoogleDocs. Do your students complete work on the doc then share with you for grading? I have 135 students, so I am just trying to get some ideas on how to best edit documents and submit them with so many students. We are supposed to use less paper! Thanks! – Laura

    1. Laura, I’m not sure I understand your question.

      The links on my padlets are merely my resources for a given unit. I like having everything in one simple place.

      Going paperless….dry erase boards, Plickers, padlet, Google classroom, Doctopus…..those are some thoughts I have off the top of my head.

      If you leave your email, I will be happy to start a conversation with you to talk thru some of your specific questions.


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