Easy Access

Here is the fastest way to access all of my handouts and graphic organizers. Lots of updates and additions!

Language Arts

Written Expression

5-7 Sentence Paragraph Organizer (PDF)

Research and Writing Project Guidelines (PDF)

Argument Paper Part 1 and Argument Paper Part 2 (PDF)

Checkpoints Argumentative Paper  (PDF)

Emoji Mood Journal Prompts


Differentiated Vocabulary Activities (PDF)

 Reading Comprehension 

Differentiated Lit Circle Handouts 2015

Making Text Connections (PDF)

Making Connections (differentiated) with LINES (PDF)

Summary Graphic Organizer (PDF)

Short Story Summary (PDF)

Short Story Summary Page 1

Short Story Language and Vocabulary Page 2

Reading Visual Aides

Plot Diagram


Author’s Purpose

Learning Verb Posters

Informational Text

Non-Fiction Pre-Reading Sheet

Non-Fiction Glossary

Non-Fiction Diagrams and Captions

Non-Fiction Book Report

Non-Fiction Book Report 2

Non-Fiction Book Report 3

Parts of Speech

Noun    Adjectives     Action verb     Adverb    Conjunctions   Pronouns

Venn Diagram Linking Vs. Helping

Question Word Posters

Who?   What?   When?   Where?   Why?   How?


Earth Science

Erosion vs. Deposition by Water

Land Biomes

Temperate forest


Temperate forest

Tropical forest

Desert and Grassland

Desert Grassland 2


Atmosphere 1

Atmosphere 2


5ws + 1 Graphic Organizer



Beginning of the Year

First Day of School Scavenger Hunt

Symbol Test Handouts (A Personality/Learning Style Activity)

March Madness

March Madness Scavenger Hunt

Recording Sheet for March Madness

March Madness Poem Template

5 responses

  1. Where are your Smartboard resources? I need some ideas for that. I love your blog, very helpful!

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog! What grade do you teach? You will find that many of these ideas can be modified.

      If you go to the right hand side of my home page and you will see Categories.Click on SMARTBoard. (You didn’t miss this if you already looked here. I just changed the layout realizing it wasn’t easy to find.)

      This will take you to posts on SMARTBoard ideas. I don’t have files attached to these posts because I am unable to do so. If there is something in particular you would like, I will be happy to email the file to you. Just ask!

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