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I am just learning how to use this program, but I am finding that Prezi is a great way for me to organize my lessons and make them flow a little more naturally.  If your computer at work is slow like mine, it takes forever to open SMART Notebook, Word, and Firefox.

With Prezi, I have been able to incorporate music, videos, and images into my Language Arts lessons and provide a fresh, new way to share information with students.

These Prezis can serve as introductions with discussion.

Or you can create a Graphic Organizer for Figurative Language  for students to complete (like my good friend AuburnChick did.)

I use dry erase boards for student responses.

Use as is, or modify them to meet your students’ needs.

Text Structures

Identifying Mood

Identifying Theme 

Figurative Language and Graphic Organizer

Character Types

4 responses

  1. Where is your March Madness Prezi?

    1. If you do a search on the left hand side bar you should be able to find the post. I will post a link later today when I am able to get to the computer.

  2. Just getting to know prezi….thanks for the links!

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