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Apps with Friends: Language Arts

Continuing my “series” on great apps for the classroom….

Here are the top apps suggested by my friend who teaches 6th grade Language Arts:

1. Notability  It took me less than two weeks to become a huge fan. It was hard to get used to writing on the iPad, but I’m improving every day.

2. Educreations Students can record their voice in a whiteboard style video.

3. iTooch 6th grade Language Arts (They have this for different subjects and grades.)

4. Animoto I am interested in what this app can do, but don’t have the time to take it on right now. Seems like something Tweedle Dee can learn for me.

5. Grammar Up

The next two apps are great ways for students to create their own stories. Ian entertained himself with Toontastic during an hour meeting.

6. Puppet Pals
7. Toontastic

8. Pages A personal favorite even though it costs $9.99. I like this app on my iPad….not a fan on my MacBook Air though???

9. iMovie I am determined (in my free time???) to learn how to use iMovie in 2013.

10. Nearpod – The math teacher I work with, Captain Algebra, uses this in math class too.  “The Nearpod platform enables teachers to use their iPads to manage content on students’ iPads, iPhones or iPods. It combines presentation, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.”

11. QR Reader – I am still not quite sure how QR codes work.  Something else to add to my 2013 Technology Bucket List.

12. Prezi – Tweedle Dee learned how to use this in 7th grade science for a biome project. Some snowy afternoon I’m going to have her give me a lesson.

13. Sticky Notes – Virtual post-it notes!  I use a similar app called Infinote Pinboard which cost $2.99 but is a must for a traveling teacher like myself.  I keep all my notes for inclusion, as well as many To Do lists in this app.

Apps with Friends: Social Studies

I have my own 1st Generation iPad and I take it to work and I use it daily for personal use, but I definitely have iPad envy.

I’m envious of the teachers and classrooms that have iPads. Before anyone tells me that I could have them if I wrote grants….I do plan on writing a grant in the spring in order to get my hands on a few for my Resource Room for the 2013-14 school year.

I have three friends who are currently using iPads on a regular basis in the their classrooms.

I am intrigued by the apps out there, and the possibilities, so I decided to start compiling lists so when I do get my iPads next year (power of positive thinking) I will be prepared. Plus I like to share these things with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Ian. Many times, I put the new apps on the home screen and they discover them and then teach me how to use them!

Today I am going to share the best Social Studies apps according to a very techie friend who is also a leader in BYOT in our district and an intervention specialist.

Here they are (in the order she gave them to me) with a few of my own personal thoughts:

1. Google Earth
2. American Revolution Review Timeline App Includes objects, artifacts, and manuscripts from the period of the American Revolution.
3. Stack the States This is a favorite of Tweedle Ian’s. He learned his 50 states and capitals with this app last year. He still plays it for fun. It includes practice with location, flags, capitals, abbreviations, nicknames, landmarks, and cities.
4. Flow of History .99
5. Video Time Machine I wrote about this cool video app here.
6. World History Maps
7. Today in History Daily lists of events, births, deaths, and holidays going as far back as 300 A.D. Tapping on many events and people will lead you to external links.
8. MyCongress Connects you with websites, emails, and updates (including Facebook and Twitter) of political leaders.

View the actual documents, signatures (includes biographical information), notes, and read the text of these U.S. documents:

9. Constitution
10. Declaration

11. The Congressional Record
12. World War 2 Timeline (This one is $13.99, she got it on sale for $5.99).
14. Historypin (Pretty cool for the Washington, D.C. trip)
15. Google Googles (Also cool for the Washington, D.C. trip)
16.Timeline Eons This is probably my favorite on the list (after Stack the States!) One of the coolest peeks at history. Interactive multi-leveled timeline with pictures.
17. Heritage


19. Getty Images

What are some other must have apps for Social Studies? Leave a comment!

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