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The Potential of Your “DUMB Board”

Now that you have a SMARTBoard what do you do with the “dumb board” that remains?

Most of us in our building have had our SMARTBoards placed directly on top of the previously installed white board.

I love my white board still and I buy several packs of low-odor markers throughout the year. In order to make it a functional space I took an idea from my boyfriend who is also a middle school teacher. (As a side note, he and I talked a lot on our 11 hour drive to the beach and he’s going to let me post some of his great ideas as well!)

All you need is multicolored electrical tape, scissors, and a level – unless you don’t care about it being absolutely perfect. (Please note: 8th grade boys will tell you if it’s not.)


As you can see in the picture, my board is sectioned off into various sections:

  • The grading scale
  • The daily bell schedule
  • A list of journal topics for their Social Studies folder
  • Homework section for each of the teachers on our team
  • (And you can see I had an “End of the Year Countdown”)

This tape has been up since August 2009 and has held up well. I did have some yellow tape which I replaced, as it got a little messy when you got marker on it.

I like this because it is organized, neat, visually pleasing and helps students focus on the information. They know exactly where to look for their homework assignments.

I did keep the other side of my dry erase board clear in case the SMARTBoard is having a bad day or so my daughter can doodle before and after school while I work in my classroom. I wish I had some pics of her creations, but sadly, I do not. So here is one of her pics she doodled on the iPad instead.


Symmetry artwork on the iPad by then 11-year-old, TweedleDee

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