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Small Tokens of Appreciation

Today a student gave me this necklace…the very necklace that I complimented her on yesterday.

It was wrapped in a little tin mushroom and the look on her face when I graciously accepted it and put it on was the highlight of my day.

It feels good to be appreciated. It feels even better to make a connection.



I have been working on this blog for a little over a month and it has been exciting and refreshing for me. Not only am I (obviously) so happy to have people reading my posts and commenting, but I have found a new source for knowledge, thought-provoking ideas, entertainment, and inspiration.

I am talking about the blogs that I have discovered here…written by teachers, parents, and authors. I love being able to read and relate to what each of you has to say and I love that many of you have expressed the same with my posts.

Deciding to go forward with this blog required me to make a choice to put myself out there and do what I’ve always wanted to do. It required me to trust that I had it in me.

As I work on making this blog what I envision it being, I have tinkered with the layout, the widgets, the images, and the approach I want to take. I feel like it is falling into place. I have connected all these randomly placed dots and I can see the big picture. (That’s not to say it won’t change, because you do know I love change.)

Thank you for reading, commenting, and providing me with inspiration. I hope our connections continue to grow.

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