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Ironically Enough…(or The Early Bird Finishes the Book)

So yesterday I wrote about the lack of sleep I’ve been getting. Today, I had a choice:

Feed the pets and go back to bed.


Rise and shine and finish reading Divergent.

I choose the book.

As the snow falls (lovely, more snow), I am warm and cozy here on the couch with the puppy who graced me with 15 extra minutes of sleep today.

I am feeling that feeling you get when you finally finish a book that you were fervently tearing through and then, when it ends, you wish it hadn’t ended so soon.

And it’s only 7:15.

It will be hard to not spend the rest of the day reading the sequel.

It’s possible our 8th Grade Honors Language Arts will be reading this next year and I think they will love it. I am anxious to see how the 8th grade language arts teachers approach this book and the themes they pull from it.

I don’t typically ever write book reviews and I’m not going to now. But if you have the chance to read it, I highly recommend you do. I loved it more than The Hunger Games, for reasons I cannot fully explain.

If I had to try…..I think because it’s, in part, about facing your fears and, in part, about being selfless. There is some irony in that which speaks volumes.

And obviously, I am the Queen of Irony this weekend.

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