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Rules and Expectations

At the start of the year, it is imperative that you establish rules for your classroom.

Some teachers will post rules before the first day. Others will develop a list of rules with the students on Day 1.

I will not pretend to know the best way to do this, because I honestly think that the needs of each classroom are different.

Here are just some of my random thoughts on rules:

Rules are meant to be broken.20120816-083414.jpg

A rule is like a dare to some kids. What little kid can resist touching a Christmas tree?

There is an exception to every rule. 20120816-083438.jpg

How funny is this? We were at the IX Center for the Crown Classic Dog Show and this sign was at the entrance.

And Tweedle Dee brought her dog, Hairy Gary.

Some rules are for your own good.20120816-083452.jpg

Like brushing your teeth before bed.

Some rules are just not fair. 20120816-083500.jpg

That’s life.

Sometimes the rules are in the fine print.

Some rules should be challenged.

I am more of an expectations  and procedures kind of person. Here is what I expect. Here is how it will happen.

One of the best rules expectations I have ever seen in a classroom seems to cover almost everything. I painted this after lunch and will hang it up before Orientation tonight.


And because I had extra paper and paint…I made a few more posters to hang around my room.




What do you call them?

Rules or Expectations?

What is the most important rule in your classroom?

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