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Little Garden of Horrors

After a stretch of rainy days and some flooding in the area, and then a heat wave that lasted almost a week, the Little Garden That Could did what gardens do best: Got a little out of control.

You see, late last week we were all down with the flu. Finally, on the third day we weakly ventured outside in the “cool” of the evening.  We knew we needed to  water the garden since it had been days since we had even looked at it.

This is what we found.  Our sweet Little Garden That Could has turned into a monster.

Yikes! Pumpkin takeover!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane….

Day 1

Day 1 This is where we started.


2 weeks old. This is a shot from my bedroom window. I could not resist looking outside to admire the garden at least three times a day!


This is probably about 3 weeks old. I think right around Father’s Day.

7 weeks old. RIP big pumpkins. I had no choice but to sacrifice them when I rearranged things last night.  Lesson learned. Looks like next year we will be expanding! (Insert an "I told you so!" from Ian here.)

7 weeks old. RIP big pumpkins. I had no choice but to sacrifice them when I rearranged things last night.

So, lesson learned.  Looks like we will be expanding our garden next year.  (Insert Ian’s “I told you Mom!” here)

We can now check “Successful Garden” off our Bucket List for this summer.  I made a salad with the lettuce yesterday and I’m having green beans tonight!

And on a related note…. because the kids and I watched the Teen Beach Movie the other night on Disney and talked about why musicals are simply THE BEST…. here is a favorite show tune of mine!  

The Little Garden That Could

Ian has been bugging me for years if we could make a garden.  This will be our fifth summer here and I finally said yes.

First of all, our yard is on a corner lot with a very small back yard so it is not the most conducive to a garden (or sadly, a trampoline, or sadder yet, a pool.)

Secondly, I figured I would be much like the Little Red Hen and “do it myself.” (Dee doesn’t do hard labor any labor and Ian bails on me sometimes.)

Thirdly, it’s a lot of work and summer is for relaxing.

Lastly, he doesn’t even eat vegetables! (Not a good reason, I know….)

So, on June 1st (our first day of summer vacation together), I picked them up from their dad’s and the first thing out of his mouth was “Can I dig a hole today?”

I sat on that idea for 24 hours, considered my options, and on Sunday morning, around 10:00, I gave that boy a shovel.

We picked a spot behind our garage (which needs painted really bad and will be by the end of the week!)

Ian wanted to “Go big or go home”  and was shooting for the world’s largest garden, but I limited it to a 6 x 6 foot space (with a lesson on perimeter and area).

Fortunately, we were blessed with a lovely day – partly sunny, mid 70s, low humidity and good attitudes from both children. (Dee even helped with this project!)

This took us about 3 hours to dig and prepare (the best that amateur gardeners prepare a garden). Our tools were limited…two tiny shovels, a rake and a garden weeder.

After the ground was all dug up and we were fully committed to planting vegetables, or replanting grass, we took a break and relaxed. “Relaxed”, if you have a 10-year-old Ian for a son, means playing 1-on-1 soccer and riding our bikes.

After dinner, we headed to the store to buy the vegetables.  There was a big debate if we should get seeds or if we should get plants. Dee was not very interested in the selection process but Ian studied the seed packets and the days to maturity and the directions for planting.

He based his decisions on the following questions:

  1. How long until we see results?
  2. How much digging will I get to do?
  3. Do you think I will eat this?

We ended up leaving with 2 tomato plants, 4 pepper plants, and seeds for carrots, lettuce, green beans, watermelon and corn. We also bought some seeds for decorative pumpkins and sunflowers which we will plant somewhere else.

We were still planting at almost 9 p.m. but it is pretty much a finished garden. (I will need to go back in and do a little more digging of grass today.)

Before bed, Ian said, “Do you think we will have to pull weeds tomorrow? I bet we will!”

But the quote of the day was when he said, “We so own a part of nature now!”

This should be a fun experience and adventure.  Stay tuned for more pics and updates on “The Little Garden That Could.”

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