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A New Olympic Event: Grape Picking

I moved into my house in December of 2008, so I have enjoyed 4 summers here.

One of my favorite things about my house is my grape arbor. I am not a gardener by any means, or a grape farmer, for that matter. It’s more for decorative purposes and I kind of let it grow as it wishes. And this thing certainly has a mind of it’s own.


Here is it in early spring 2009.


In the winter of 2010

grape arbor

Here it is in late summer 2011. Taking over the house.

The grape arbor has been the home to many birds. This year we had a cardinal nest and a mourning dove nest. Let me just tell you, Momma cardinals do not like you near their nests or their babies. And with the arbor right outside my front door….it was a little scary at times. Especially since I am afraid of birds.


Sometimes it’s scary walking out this door!

The grape arbor is also home to many wiffle balls, frisbees, and other sports equipment. Once something gets thrown up there, it’s probably not coming down.

We also use the arbor as a place to relax, to read, to play, to hide, and to eat dinner.


This is the view above in early spring.


Chilling out under the vines on a hot day

My little old neighbor, Maxine, has always been obsessed with my grape arbor. “Got any grapes?” she asks every time she comes over to visit.

However, for the first three years, the arbor produced no edible grapes. They went straight from hard green balls to “raisins” or rotten mush.


None of these grapes are good for eating. Poor Maxine!

Maxine was always bummed.

This year, the 4th summer, I am happy to say we have grapes! They are different than the grapes you buy at Giant Eagle. They have seeds and are very “gelatin-ish” inside. Definitely an acquired taste.

The other night, Admiral Bodee and the kids came down for one last get together before school started and we decided to harvest the grapes. Everyone was into it and we were on a mission to win a team gold medal in grape picking.


It was funny how much the kids were into it. Captain Kidd was all about quality control. Tweedle Ian wanted to climb higher than I would let him.


Delilah used her height to reach the highest vines (and take most of these pics). Tweedle Dee…well, she sometimes takes pride in doing the least amount of work. She is always the quiet comedian.


I told Admiral Bodee, “This is why farmers had so many kids back in the old days…so they could help with all the chores.”

(And then I looked around my flower beds and saw all the weeds and in my head had this great idea for another day….)

With some teamwork, we were able to collect about 9 cups of grapes.

Admiral Bodee took home about a cup.

And the other 8 cups…I took them across the street to Maxine.


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