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My Pinterest: Anchor Charts

This summer has been pretty rainy and it started to get depressing when the kids weren’t home.  I can easily sit and read all day; however, reading on the iPad is just more technology.

So instead, I wasted time on Pinterest… collecting Anchor Chart ideas.

A few weeks ago I decided to bust out the markers and do a little creating.




I was waiting to buy some big chart paper, but since I didn’t have any at home I decided to just recycle some unused desk calendars my secretary gave me. This is not the sturdiest paper or the best way to do this and they won’t last forever, but I like to update every so often anyway.

I found a good way to hang and store the charts as well. I will be using all the itty-bitty pants hangers from my kids’ closets.

Last winter I hung some cork strips from Joann’s on one unused wall in my classroom and this will be the perfect place for rotating the charts. Other ideas I’ve seen include hot gluing clothespins to a wall or hanging them to a string, using tension curtain-rods with metal rings, and using E-Z clips.


Do you have your own great collection of anchor charts?

Or do you have some great inspiration?

Share your links in the comments.

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