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My Felt-Board Message is Different than Yours, and That’s Okay.

2018 is here! Happy New Year!

As I sat home last night with my two dogs and 1.5 cats (Ellie was around somewhere, I suppose) waiting for my teenagers to come home from parent-chaperoned parties, I scrolled through Instagram.

I’ve done that a lot over break. Probably too much.

As much as love the written word, I love the images more. The whole “a picture speaks a thousand words” concept, you know?

I enjoy seeing the happiness of others – my extended family, my work friends, people I don’t even know – celebrating major life events.

Sometimes, I admit, it leaves me thinking, “What would I put on one of those trendy felt-boards if I owned one?”

What if I owned one when I was me ….20, 18, 12, or 8 years ago?

Would I have jumped on the felt-board bandwagon?

Would my life have been captured in public posts announcing the biggest moments of my life?

I’m sure it would have been.

We all want to share our happiness, our joy, and our life-changing moments with the world.

But what if my happiness this past year was different than yours?

What if the things you celebrated seemed like tiny accomplishments or things you wouldn’t carefully spell out on a felt-board, but they made you feel good just the same?

It’s ok.


We are all in our own seasons of life, and all the things that make each season exciting are going to look a little different in photos and on felt-boards.

It doesn’t mean my 2017 was less than, or greater than, yours.

My 2017 was just different.

I suspect my 2018 will be exactly the same – different.

May your 2018 be felt-board worthy, if not on Instagram, then simply in your heart.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

This post serves multiple purposes:

1) As my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge

2) As a recap of my first week back to school

3) As a personal reminder of the good life I am living

This is a mural on a building in downtown Cleveland, very close to Progressive Field. I captured this pic while we were having a “Meal on Wheels” (i.e. eating a packed lunch in the van before heading into the stadium).


I wonder how many people working downtown see this mural each day and can’t help but smile.

This is also a framed 8 x 10 pic sitting on a shelf in my classroom. I thought it was a good motivational piece for my students.

Speaking of happy….

It is Saturday and I couldn’t be happier.

I slept in until 8:00 today. After a whole week of getting up before sunrise, this is by far the best thing about this week.

Actually, despite a mini-almost-meltdown on Thursday afternoon, I really did have a good week.

I survived two days of in-service and the first three days of school. Enough said.

I accomplished the task of filling out forms and sorting through beginning of the year paperwork for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Ian. Every year I wonder how parents who struggle with reading or spelling, or who do not speak English, feel about this task. I sometimes feel like I don’t have a grip and then I think of how overwhelming some parents must feel when they are slammed with multiple forms and school fees. I remind myself how fortunate I am to have an education, and therefore, a job that allows me to write $50 checks without panicking about the grocery bill or the gas budget.

I embraced the changes that were thrown my way.

  • My new schedule – While many people hate change, I have found, and posted about the fact that I kinda like it. It was like I was in a new building this week. I have some new teachers to work with. A change of scenery. A different perspective. A fresh start.
  • My new classroom My beautiful new classroom with my fabulous new round tables. They are the envy of many teachers in my building. I love my room…even when it’s 90 degrees outside and 85 degrees inside.
  • My Resource Room – What an interesting and fun mix of personalities at multiple grade levels. I am excited to take on this challenge.
  • Block scheduling – 84 minutes with the above group gives me so much more time to expand and do fun activities. So far, I have no trouble filing the time.

I balanced work and play. Eleven miles total on my bike. Two very long games of frisbee with the kids. Two parents meetings. Three sports practices. A high school football game. A birthday party for my step-mom that included outdoor-dining at Danny Boy’s and a trip to Menchie’s for frozen yogurt. A lunch date with Tweedle Ian at Pizza Hut.

Next week brings 5 days of school. Can I do it? Five whole days?

The weekend is going too fast. I have a lot more resting to do.

And lesson plans.

And grocery shopping.

And laundry.

I think I need to make another copy of this pic and hang it up somewhere at home. Just as a daily reminder.

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