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Turn Your iPad into a Wireless Slate

So today in Pre-Algebra, we discovered something pretty awesome.  Splashtop is an app that turns your iPad into a wireless slate.

It’s super easy and just a bit less expensive than a $439 Airliner Slate!

  1. You buy the app – on sale right now for $6.99. (Regular price is $19.99).
  2. Install it on your computer as well.
  3. Create an account.
  4. (We also had to buy an “Anywhere Access Pack” for $10/year but that might depend on your network.)

It’s that easy!

After testing it out in the math classroom, I went back and installed it on my classroom computer and iPad at lunch.

Can’t wait to try it out tomorrow 1st period. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Video Time Machine iPad App

I am currently working on compiling lists of my co-workers’ favorite iPad apps and while I’m just starting the process, I have to share one app right away because it is FREE this weekend!

I  just started this process and want to go through the list of all the other apps, so look for lists by subject very soon.

Meanwhile, check out Video Time Machine.

If you teach history or just love history, pop culture, sports, music, television ads and complete randomness….this is for you!

Tweedle Ian just watched the NBA 2003 Best Plays (the year he was born) and wanted to watch more videos, but I stole the iPad from him so I could write this post!

10 Things That Made My Day

Did you ever have one of those days….

when everything was…


Today was one of those days.

I had a 5 hour meeting today to help me prepare for my new Resource Room class. There were 10 teachers/speech therapists at this meeting and our agenda was full.

I now have so much knowledge I am bursting at the seams and it only seems right to pass things on to you.

10 things That Made My Day:

1. Unique Learning System – Our district has a license to this program and it looks awesome. I think if you teach students with disabilities you should check it out. There is a huge Olympic 2012 unit I just downloaded for free. I know it will be after the fact, but I’m going to use this unit for the first few weeks of school. I think we will be able to do lots of research and writing and can utilize so much media.

2. News 2 You – A related site to Unique and just as neat. Again, you have to pay for a license but it might be worth it.

3. BUMP – – I always love when I learn about nifty apps. This app will make sharing pictures so much easier with the girls.

4. Dictation Dragon – A speech to text app that I can use on the iPad with students and also put on my iPhone! This was the one thing I missed about my Droid.

5. QuizCast and Studylicious – I have to look into this more but these two work together. You are supposed to be able to put your own content into a quiz format for the iPad.

6. Appsfire Deals – Every day this app gives you a list of paid apps that are free!

7. The Five Finger Pinch and other fun gestures I had no idea existed (but it does explain why sometimes apps mysteriously close on my iPad.)

8. My new Vera Bradley Smartphone Wristlet in Paisley Meets Plaid arrived today! Finally a wristlet that fits my iPhone when it’s in its case. I bought it new on eBay and got a great deal! ($49 retail. Mine = $34.50)


Isn’t is lovely? And smart?

9. I’ve been saving my school clothes for, well, school. But I figured a school meeting was school-ish enough. So I wore a new shirt today! Gotta love the feeling of wearing brand new clothes!

10. I was driving home for lunch and saw a little boy sitting on the corner at a lemonade stand. Bless his heart! The sign said:


I was going to stop on my way back to the school, but by then he was gone. I so wish I would have turned around and gone back when I first saw him. Some people are addicted to pop, but I love lemonade and I thought his attempt to make some money on a hot day was precious.

I feel like somehow that lemonade stand was a reminder of something that is so cliché but definitely worth repeating. You all know it…

“When life gives you lemons….”

Honestly, I’ve been a little stressed lately and feeling overwhelmed with all of this school stuff happening so quickly and at the last-minute.

However, after today, I am feeling refreshed, inspired, and excited.

Today I am making lemonade.

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