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“This Compulsion”

“When I get this feeling, this compulsion, I always do what it tells me. I can’t explain where it comes from or how I get it, and it doesn’t happen very often. But I obey it.” ~ Calvin O’Keefe, A Wrinkle in Time

Just like Calvin, I have this compulsion.  I am compelled.

Compelled to be better. Compelled to do more.

Compelled to teach. Compelled to learn.

Compelled to find a place where I am understood and I understand.

I’m excited to say I’ve been invited and graciously accept the invitation to become part of a blogging community that will post, read, comment on, and share education-minded posts several times a month.

What better name for this group than the Compelled Tribe? 

For a while now, I have been aimlessly searching for a “thing,” for my “place,” for my “people.”

For my tribe.

Of course, I already belong to several “tribes” – my oldest friends, my children, my family, and some work friends.  Even my  8th grade class feels like a tribe.

However, this tribe is different, and I’m excited. I don’t think there’s ever been a time in my life when I’ve needed a tribe like this.

These are tough and challenging times in education, and I am finishing out Year 20 of teaching.  I don’t think I’m alone, or will be misunderstood, when I say that some days I feel like I am at a crossroads.

Luckily, I just happened to cross paths with a tribe that wants to grow.  A tribe who will support me, encourage me, and challenge me in areas that are important to me: writing, teaching, and learning.





Happy New Year!

It’s the end of the year and it will soon be time to make some resolutions. I don’t make stick to them every year but in the past I have made some pretty simple, yet big mental resolutions.

In 2008, my resolution was “Breathe.”

In 2009, “Dream.”

In 2010, “Peace.”

In 2011 and 2012, my resolutions were more about physical health and I stuck to them pretty well.

Although I can’t say it was a planned resolution for 2012, I would say that this year’s resolution became “Write.”

I didn’t start my blog until April but I have written 144 posts (counting this one). I have discovered some great writers and made some great new friends.

With over 180 followers and 17,000+ views I have experienced the excitement and motivation of being an “author.”

As 2013 begins, I am excited to work on my newest resolution, “Learn.”

In the past few months, I have I learned about so many types of technology and I want to continue to explore the possibilities in 2013…for work and for fun (which thankfully go hand in and for me).

I not only have some big tech goals for 2013 (which I will expand on later), but I want to learn more about lots of things.

Learning from others is not something I anticipated when I began blogging. Many people think blogging is a self-indulgent “let’s talk about me” hobby but I encourage people who don’t blog to find blogs of interest and create their own. The range of topics covered in blogs is pretty amazing. Its a fast way to explore many new topics.

No matter your interests, learning never stops.

I read an idea recently that if we asked our students to write down just one thing they learned every single day for a year, we would see great things.

I am going to try a learning journal this year and will try it in class maybe too.

If you are looking for a new hobby or just like to learn and understand how to do things, I think you should try out the app called Snapguide. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

Basically, it’s like a YouTube/Pinterest/Instagram mash-up. People make “How To” guides for anything and everything in 17 categories. The steps are paired with digital pics and short videos.

You can learn how to make candles in a crockpot, how to extract honey, how to make an iPhone speaker for free, and how to open a beer bottle with a wedding ring!? Who knew?!

This app would be great for students to explain the steps in a process. Just another app to add my “To Learn” list.

So, I hope you all have a great New Year’s celebration and 2013 brings you many wonderful learning opportunities!!

If you are going out, be safe and whatever you do, have fun!

And before then, visit Snapguide and get ready for NYE with these New Years Nails.

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