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March Madness (Reposted!!)

Last year, I posted a lot of information on the March Madness unit I used in my class in conjunction with another teacher.

Follow these two links to read all about the project!

March Madness Post #1

The COMPLETE March Madness Unit

If you have any questions, please ask. Have fun!


The Complete March Madness Unit

Here is the entire March Madness Unit I will be using in my Resource Room.  I included the links from my previous post as well.

Map Skills – Students will be asked to include a map on their display board that shows the location of each college and the state abbreviations.  Below are three  different maps for different levels for the abbreviations requirement.

There is a great blog, Bill’s Sports Maps (billsportsmaps.com), that will have an updated map of all 68 teams.  Typically we don’t show this to the higher students and many of them will discover it on their own.  However, it is a good “cheat sheet” for some IEP students.

Research the College/University – Students must research the college or university and locate information. I have created a Recording Sheet for March Madness for the college and team info.  In the past, I found it was very difficult for some middle school students to understand college and associated terms like founder, enrollment, campus, degrees, major, and tuition.  It might help to use a local college not in the tournament to model this.

Research the Team – Similar to the college/university research, students must find information on the team itself.

Writing a Letter – This has been optional in past social studies classes.  I am going to do this for sure in my Resource Room.  Sometimes a college or athletic department will send something back in the mail.  Below is a sample letter you could use. Students can include the stickers, pamphlets, T-shirts and autographed posters  (Yes, some kids receive things like that) on their display boards.

University Advertisement –This is a new requirement this year.  It must be at least one minute in length, be informative, and promote the college. (Prezi, video, etc. – No PowerPoints or posters) 

Writing a Poem Using Figurative Language

Another great resource for your March Madness Unit:

  • “March Madness” Unit (www.quia.com/pages/mmchristiancy.html) – This is where I found the sample letter mentioned above. The links at the bottom of the page are great ways to help students locate information and include some of the links I posted above.  Also included: links about school mascots, fight songs, and everything NCAA-related.

March Madness

How appropriate that it is called March Madness!! I’m not referring to the NCAA tournament, but the final weeks before Spring Break.

My calendar is incredibly full this month with IEPs, PT conferences, the end of basketball season and the beginning of baseball season, Tweedle Dee’s 13th birthday, orthodontist and doctor’s appointments, and a few other random meetings. I am double booked on some evenings and am not really sure how I am going to work that out. One day at a time, I guess.

Just 9 days of school (plus one in-service day) until Spring Break.  I don’t have any big plans over break, except for a Cavs game against the Celtics. The weekend Ian was in the hospital, we had had tickets for the kids’ first ever Cavs game.  Sadly, Ian and I did not get to go.

This Friday, we will be kicking off our own March Madness unit in the Resource Room. Another Language Arts teacher and I are recycling/revamping this unit from past years when he did it in his 8th grade Social Studies class.   To get started, I found this great Prezi presentation and have created a March Madness Scavenger Hunt for my students to complete. This is a good simple introduction and very well done by the creators.

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