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Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

There is nothing easy about this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

My first reaction was to just skip it. With school starting next week, I have too much on my plate to think about something this difficult.

Then I remembered it is a challenge.

And then I realized that the obvious was right in front of my face….the “merging” of families.

Here is an artsy shot of Tweedle Dee and Delilah at the park this past spring. They wanted to do a “photo shoot” while all the boys played at the baseball field. The girls are only 8 months apart and were both 12 at the time. Working with teenage girls at school, I know we are so lucky that they get along so well and have gotten so close in the past year.

This was their favorite shot of the day. It represents their friendship, their “sisterhood” and a “merge.”


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