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Back To Business: Point of View, Mood, and Inferencing with Emojis

This is a little activity I made up one day when my daughter showed me some funny emoji pictures she had edited. (I used SMART Notebook and altered the transparency. MJ used the app called “Insta Emoji.”)

How you use this PDF is up to you. I am not exactly sure when and where I will incorporate this into a lesson.  (Click here for a PDF of Emoji-Mood Journal Prompts)

Here are some ideas I have been tossing around:

  1. Students identify the mood and make an inference and explain.
  2. Students compose the letter that the person is reading. (Point of view of the author)
  3. Students respond to the letter that the person is reading. (Point of view of the reader)


What would you do with these prompts?

If you have a great idea, share it in the comments!






Last Minute Language Arts Cram Session

A few weeks ago I learned about ThingLink, which is destined to become my new favorite thing.

With our Spring Break trip and adjusting to Ian’s new life on an insulin pump, I haven’t had much time to work with it.

But finally, the last few days I’ve been creating a review ThingLink for our 7th grade Language Arts students. I’ve connected it to many of my own Prezis and found some other resources as well. Every little icon you see will take you somewhere new!

Language Arts Review – Are you ready?


This image isn't live. You'll have to click the link above to discover all the goodies hidden behind the icons.

This image isn’t live. You’ll have to click the link above to discover all the goodies hidden behind the icons.

Identifying Mood (Prezi)

Here is a link to my newest Prezi, “Identifying Mood.” I incorporated this mood lesson into March Madness as we will be completing this next week when we get back from Spring Break.

How cute are these! Maybe, if I have time, I could make a little treat like this to go along with the lesson?

How cute are these!? Maybe, if I had time (and was talented like this) I could make a little treat to go along with the lesson.

Students will have to identify the mood in songs, images, and text. (I chose 4 poems about basketball. These may need to be changed for a younger audience.)

Happy Spring Break to everyone if you are off this week!

We are supposed to get 6 inches of snow tomorrow night.  Not. Cool.

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