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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Little boy.
Big laughs.


Check out the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

I’ve been waiting for the perfect week to use this photo since the first week I started the Weekly Photo Challenge.

I think this is it:


Tweedle Ian is 2 1/2 years old here. Who knows how old that tree is???

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

This week’s challenge made me realize that these days I mostly use my camera for special events, holidays, and family get-togethers.

When the kids were little, I took pictures all the time…..of everyday life.

Those are the priceless pictures.

Just candid shots.

The ones they did not pose for.

No funny faces, no peace signs, no bunny ears, no fake smiles.

They just lived their little lives and I snapped away.

Those photos are natural and real.

They are the pictures that tell their story.Everyday Life Reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Sticking to my commitment to post pics of the kids for the Weekly Photo Challenge, here is my idea of near and far. 


Hey Dee!! Wait for me!

I love Tweedle Ian’s short little legs and his arms reaching high as he chases Tweedle Dee up the beach.

He is near.

She is far.

7 years later, they remain such opposites in every way.

He’s wild and loud and she’s quiet and reserved.

She is the dreamer.

He is the doer.

She is the unexpected witty remark.

He is the punch line you totally see coming.

How can two little bodies have such different spirits

yet both be so very much like me?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit


A little twist on the traditional definition of a free spirit…

Here are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Ian running wild and free and full of spirit,

trying to catch bubbles on the 4th of July in 2007.

Just like a bubble, I know I can’t hold onto them forever.

I have to let them soar.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

There is nothing easy about this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

My first reaction was to just skip it. With school starting next week, I have too much on my plate to think about something this difficult.

Then I remembered it is a challenge.

And then I realized that the obvious was right in front of my face….the “merging” of families.

Here is an artsy shot of Tweedle Dee and Delilah at the park this past spring. They wanted to do a “photo shoot” while all the boys played at the baseball field. The girls are only 8 months apart and were both 12 at the time. Working with teenage girls at school, I know we are so lucky that they get along so well and have gotten so close in the past year.

This was their favorite shot of the day. It represents their friendship, their “sisterhood” and a “merge.”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong


Mom, this isn’t neat!

Who would have thought that dressing up and getting lots of candy could be so wrong?


Tweedle Ian was not scarred for life after wearing this costume. Once he realized chocolate was involved, he was fine.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

The Weekly Photo Challenge is something I look forward to every Friday. It provides a break from my regular teacher talk and with school just around the corner, it feels more pressing than ever to savor every moment.  I’ve made it a personal challenge to relate each theme to my kids.  Looking through old photos reminds me of both the good times and the bad ones. It also reminds me how much we all have grown.

Their smiles are my sunshine.

Their tears are my rain.

My love will help them grow.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

It took me less than 10 seconds to know exactly which picture I would use for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

This is Tweedle Dee when she was 2 1/2.

Now this Purple Princess is about to start 7th grade.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

I have really enjoyed participating in The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenges.

Sometimes I know right away what photograph I will use. Other weeks, like this week, when the theme was “inside” I took the time to go back into some pretty old pics.

Looking back through old photos is bittersweet. The kids were so little, so innocent, and so silly. All those memories are forever inside my heart.

This memory still makes me laugh.

The girls were literally in the dog house. They did eventually make room for him, but this pic is by far the cutest of the shots.


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