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Making Changes or Taking Chances


People talk about it all the time.

“I hate change.”

“Change is never easy.”

“I hate change.”

“But, change is necessary.”

“I hate change.”

“Time’s have changed.”

“I hate change.”20120604-094954.jpg

I have had a lot of opportunity to think about change the past few weeks as our building is going through a complete and total change/overhaul next fall. (i.e., 8 periods will now be 9 periods, block scheduling for Language Arts and Math, and full inclusion. On top of that, we lost 1 1/3 of our special education staff.)

What is/was the hardest part of all this upcoming change?

Waiting for it to happen.

For me, waiting for change is ten times harder than the actual change. Waiting and not knowing details, not knowing when, how, if….this is scary stuff.

Those who know me well know I freak out at the idea of change. Again, it’s the anticipation, not the actual change.

What if I fail? What if it doesn’t work? What if I regret it?

For years I have said that I hate change. But I probably looked like a fool. I secretly, and now publicly admit, I love change. I embrace change. Did I really just say that? Here is some proof:

I have changed positions eight times during my career in education. I have worked for four districts. I have taught 12 different grade levels. I have worked with four levels of disabilities.

Only one of these building changes was involuntary (due to budget cuts) and it was probably the greatest move of my life. But there seems like there is always a right time to move on. In fact, I have a thank you card on my fridge that is 3 years old, written by a 16-year-old who was wise beyond his years. It reads: “It makes me very sad that you have to leave, but I understand that one must move on to bigger and better things.”

I am constantly experiencing change in all aspects of my life…..new homes (5 moves in 5 years), new cars, new friendships, new relationships, new phones (the change from flip phone to Blackberry to Droid to iPhone was probably one of the hardest series of changes in my life!)


So why put myself through change?

Some changes are sad, most are for the better, and many are for the best, but they are all necessary.

Things get boring. Goals are met. I need a challenge. My work here is done. It’s time to move on. There is nothing more I can do here. I need to spread my wings. There are bigger fish to fry.  I’m growing.


What has been the hardest change in your life?
What has been the best change you’ve ever made?
Do they happen to be the same?

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