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2016 Classmate Scavenger Hunt

With the same students as last year….and so many exciting things happening this summer, I decided to update my Scavenger Hunt.

2016 Scavenger Hunt

2016 Classmate Scavenger Hunt

Here are links to previous posts about this first day activity:

Updated: First Day of School Scavenger Hunts (Contains three variations for different age levels)

First Day of School Scavenger Hunt (Contains the rules, description of the activity)


Updated: First Day of School Scavenger Hunts

As my First Day of School Scavenger Hunt is the most popular post on my blog, I thought I’d create some more variations of the hunt to save you time.

Hopefully these are generic enough they can be used in any classroom (my last one mentioned local events and things specific to my school.)

I also tried to make them grade level appropriate. There’s one for high school, middle school and one for elementary students.

Click on the links above each image for a PDF.

High School Scavenger Hunt 2014

High school

Middle School Scavenger Hunt 2014

MS Hunt


Elementary Scavenger Hunt 2014

Elementary Scavenger Hunt 2014

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