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The Girl and The Avocado: A Very Short Story About Self-Control

Today I just proved to myself I can have self-control. It just takes a tight schedule, the need to get home to use a clean restroom, extreme thirst, a very short list, and the determination to only buy as much as you can carry in your hands.

The Back-to-School bins are full and ready to go at Walmart!!!! I love back-to-school shopping in the biggest way. Yes, love is a strong word, but I love it.

It was all I could do to contain myself when I entered the store and saw aisle upon aisle of glorious school supplies!!

However, school doesn’t start for 6 weeks and I was strong.

I left only with what I came for: storage solutions for my fridge, spinach, and an avocado.

In all fairness, organizing and avocados rank pretty high up on my “Things That Make Me Really Happy” list. So, it wasn’t a complete sacrifice.

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